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Saturday, October 9, 2010

"Moving Beyond Electronic Worksheets"

I subscribe to many educational technology blogs, many of which are listed in the sidebar. Just this morning, this post from Dangerously Irrelevant came to me through my RSS feeds. How timely. We will talk today about the various ways teachers integrate technology, focusing in particular on a lovely three-circle diagram that highlights communication, facilitation, and constructivism. This post uses different terminology, stressing the need to move from "adapting uses" to "transforming uses." Whatever you call it, and wherever you research ed-tech, the same basic themes are found. Our challenge as educators involves taking these tools and opening the doors to student creativity, exploration, and knowledge building. There's nothing wrong with electronic worksheets! They are efficient, environmentally friendly, and available at home or school. More importantly, they are a stepping stone to "transforming uses." Understanding the technology is the first step. Join us in the ongoing conversation of "What is Technology Integration?" Bring us your questions, collaborate in your planning, and try to figure out where you are in the three circles. You will move between them frequently, sometimes all at once. It's exciting!

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