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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Challenges Facing Teachers

Richard Byrne's website, Free Technology for Teachers, is THE place to go if you're looking for some inspiration or ideas for technology integration. He's brilliant, concise, and oh so helpful! Each post highlights a great tool (or multiple tools) you can freely try out, and then he concludes each post with "Applications for Education," which are his brief remarks that give you that extra little nudge you might be needing to see how the tool can be used in your teaching.

This summer he has taken one of his most popular presentations, 10 Common Challenges Facing Educators, and broken it down into 10 individual posts about the challenges we'll face this fall as school gets back underway. Take a look at the list and read further if something strikes your fancy.

And add Free Technology for Teachers to your RSS feeds. :)

  1. Access - what to do when the sites you want to use are blocked
  2. Selection - selecting appropriate tools for your classroom
  3. Differentiation - resources for finding differentiated reference materials
  4. Helping Students Research and Organize - effective searching and organizing what you find
  5. Giving Every Student a Voice - backchanneling
  6. Cell Phones - fight 'em or teach 'em?
  7. Creating Projects - videos, podcasting, blogging
  8. still to come...

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