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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let the Training Begin!

Summer is drawing to a close...time to switch gears from techie-tech to edu-tech. Training sessions that are coming soon to a CWA classroom near you:

Google Reader and RSS feeds - 8/24 @ 10:30 a.m.
I've been wanting to do this one for a LONG time. Hope you can make it! We will look at using Google Reader, through our Tarrier Apps accounts, to subscribe to some blogs, news feeds, or other educational (or personal interest) resources. Why scour the web for great material when you can have it come to you? This is truly one of the easiest (and free!) ways to foster your own professional development, and it can quickly lead to connections with amazing educators all over the world. Whether or not you are able to attend, here are a few links to help you in your RSS journey:

Tarrier Apps Help Sessions - 8/23 @ 10:00 am, 8/24 @ 1:00 pm
If you'd like to work on your site, calendar, lesson plans, or just get a refresher on the whole Google Apps environment, please join us! The TApps Management team will be on hand to help you as you set up your digital space for the new school year.

iMovie '08 and '11 - on hold
There's so much going on in the next few weeks with opening meetings and the start of school, iMovie had to take a backseat.  A few things to know, however... Because of licensing restrictions, our student laptops are about half iLife '08 and half iLife '11.  If you plan to use any of the iLife apps (iMovie, iPhoto, GarageBand) with your students in the near future, I would strongly recommend that you check out a cart of laptops that has the same software as the one you currently use on your own laptop. You will be able to see this information in the computer lab sign-up sheets in First Class. If you need help identifying what's on your laptop, open iMovie, then go to the "About" menu.

In addition, both versions of iMovie have excellent help files and video tutorials available from Apple:
The tutorials are a great place to get started with using the programs yourself. For classroom projects, keep in mind that the video library feature is very similar to iPhoto in that anyone who uses a particular laptop has access to everyone's videos imported to the library. Students create their own projects within the program, but the library is open to all and everything is in a shared environment.

Please contact me if you plan to do any video projects this fall!

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