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Friday, February 5, 2010

A Very Special Visitor

Today the LS had an incredible visitor at Town Meeting. Mike Hightower, father of Molly Hightower, came to share some photos and memories of his daughter, and spoke to the children about Molly’s work in Haiti. The CWA community has been busy collecting shoes for Haiti, a cause Molly launched before she went to Haiti to work in an orphanage. Spearheaded by one of our 6th grade students, we have managed, in just a few short weeks, to collect nearly 500 pairs of shoes, and Mr. Hightower spoke to the kids with honesty, tenderness and gratitude for the continuation of Molly’s work. He was absolutely amazing, and we are so grateful to have had him here to talk about Molly, and to put a real face on the necessity of relief efforts.

As many of us had a chance to tell Mike in person, Molly’s story has touched us all and made a real impact on our community. Visit Molly’s blog and read more about her work with the Haitian orphans.

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