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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wikipedia...Awesome or Terrible?

This was recently posted on our PNAIS tech-share message board by Dylan Bennet at The Delphian School in Oregon. Graciously, he has offered to share it with all of us...

Wikipedia has been a tough subject to deal with in the field of education. Students can be lazy about its use as a source of information, and educators often have a tough time finding a good way to communicate to students the nature of Wikipedia such that the students understand how they should treat it and view it as an information tool.

I put together a slideshow presentation about Wikipedia that tries to solve that problem. The goal was to provide educators with a simple, effective tool for educating students on the subject, drawing on students' critical thinking abilities, rather than trying to push an authoritative viewpoint on the subject. It's as much a presentation aimed at educators as it is for students, because I want educators to feel they have some solid ground to stand on when discussing Wikipedia with their students.
View the Presentation

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