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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Using Icon Images

This is just a cool thing I ran across a few years ago when I was working on developing my website, and I wanted to use the actual icons of applications for which I was writing tutorials....for example, earlier today I wrote about Apple's Mail application. Look at the pretty logo!
To get this gorgeous logo, or any others, here's the trick.
  1. Open your Applications folder and select the app with a single click
  2. Hit ⌘C to copy
  3. Open the Preview application
  4. Go to File > New from clipboard

What will open is the application's logo in multiple sizes for you to use as you see fit.  Here's the as it appears in Preview:

I simply saved the icon as a PNG file (or you could choose JPG or GIF), and I now have a graphic I can use in documents, on websites, or in presentation software. Very handy!! I have saved a whole collection of these in an iPhoto album to use in lessons.

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